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4 Closet Organization Ideas

Organizing a closet is a fun task since there is no one way to do it. You can use your creativity to your advantage and create a beautiful space for your clothing, shoes and accessories. There are several things you can do to maximize space in a closet, categorize items well and improve your dress-up experience. Here are some ingenious ideas that you may want try out when organizing your closet. Drawers If your closet does not have built in drawers, one solution is to install drawers which can be customized to suit your needs and fit well inside the closet. After you install them, fill the top and most accessible drawers with the clothes you wear first. For instance, underwear can go in the first drawer and socks could go in the second. If your closet does not have much space for hanging, you can fold some of the clothes and place them in drawers.


If you have old and mismatching hangers, get rid of them. A set of similar wooden hangers will complement your closet well and add a richness to it. You can use name tags for kids on hangers to categorize clothing or you can colour coordinate them. Instead of having hangers in different colours, you can attach a coloured tag to the top of the wooden hanger to identify clothes faster.

Folded Clothes

If you run out of hanging space or drawer space, you can fold your clothes neatly and stack them above the hanging section of the closet. You can easily find customizable shelves which you can store clothes on. An important hack to keep in mind is to use iron on clothing labels with your name on it so that clothes will not end up in the wrong dresser or closet after laundry. Do not hang puffy clothes like winter jackets as it will take up more space. If there is space behind the shelves, you can use it to stack out of season clothes.

Wall Space

The walls on the sides of the closet is the best place to organize your accessories such as jewellery, sunglasses, purses, hats and even shoes. Storing accessories in boxes will only take up more space. A peg board can be used to organize items that can be hung. Mounts hooks on the walls to hand bags and hats. Install a plastic shoe organizer over the closet door for slip-ons and heels to make more space in your closet for other items.Once you have successfully organized your closet, commit to keeping it that way. Keep items in the place after use and make it a habit to give away clothes you no longer wear.