Businesses all over the world feel the need to advertise their product in any way they can. A very effective of doing is that by relying on stickers and labels to get the job done: although advertising through electronic media like the television may be better for the extra exposure given to business activities, there is also one major problem to contend with: a usually high cost, which makes this kind of advertising quite difficult for small-scale firms.This is why vinyl sticker printing is a viable business, that also happens to suit the advertising tactics of most businesses by allowing an extremely cheap platform for people to display product names, brands and even a little of extra information about the business itself. Speaking of stickers for advertising purposes, we also have to remember that there are many different varieties and types that can be used for this, including:

  • Vinyl Labels – As the name already implies, you can easily guess the fact that this kind of stickers and labels are made using the material commonly known as vinyl. The major advantage of this material is its relative imperviousness to the action of certain chemicals, including anything from food acid to synthetic chemicals used for cleaning. Vinyl stickers can also resist dust and the accumulation of dirt quite well, which means that they can be used pretty much everywhere you need. The only real disadvantage is the fact that they do not tolerate high temperatures very well, so keep them away from major heat sources when possible.
  • Aluminium Foil Labels – Aluminium foil labels and stickers are also popular due to their relative sturdiness, making them suitable to create items for a wide number of different applications. Due to the stickers being made of aluminium foil, you definitely won’t have to worry about short-term and even long-term deterioration as much as with other types of stickers. Just as with vinyl, aluminium foil resists the action of chemicals, but it also fares quite well against UV rays and even temperature differences (which is a major difference compared to vinyl ones, which cannot really tolerate high heat). Another thing that aluminium foil labels have going for them is their shiny, reflective surface, thus making them suitable for decorative purposes.
  • Polyester Labels – Polyester labels exist in various kinds. On one hand, we have metalized polyester which has a shiny and polished external finish, while we also have things like clear polyester which is available in matte finishing, gloss finishing and even anything in between those two. Polyester stickers make for a good permanent labelling solution, being used to manufacture warning stickers and the like. You can view more here