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New Home Owner – Tips To Take Some Stress Off

Being a first-time home owner usually means joy and excitement. As you finally take possession of the key, a new chapter unfolds. After having gone through tons of paperwork, possible loan approvals and legal rollercoasters little do you know that it’s just the start. Opening up the door and stepping into the new home doesn’t mean rest and harmony immediately. Now it’s a new chapter of cleaning and moving in.

The move

Moving in means having sufficient furniture and deco to make the place homely and liveable. After having spent time, money and energy on purchasing the house, now having to shop to furnish it, can be daunting. Easing the load a little bit by allowing family and friends to help would be a good relief. A gift registry would help guide and allow flexibility for those who are willing to step in. Also, at the same time it will be exactly what you want.

The Clean-up

For the clean-up, hiring professionals can be expensive, but it will help you have some time to rest. If you are taking up that responsibility yourselves, the best option would be to get hold of some good friends to help. Making it a little bit more enjoyable. A tool box full of basic essentials like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and a wrench would suffice for a start. Some gloves, cleaning liquids and face mask will definitely come in handy.

The setting up

Starting to furnish the bedroom, followed by the kitchen and then moving onto the patio/garden area, will be a good idea. This will provide a place to rest and a place to have meals and relax while the rest of the house is being setup. Setting up the kitchen also means not having to eat out, thus cutting back on unwanted costs. Choose fittings that will be practical, yet double up to entertain a few others. Elegant bar furniture and tall stools around the counter can serve as a dining area for quick bites and chats with guests as one whips up something behind the counter.

Fixing up the bedroom can be done next. But since this a very private section of the home, it is best the individuals involved take full charge over it. Things like night lamps, bedside tables and linen can be mentioned in the registry. Chances are some items will be moved in from the old place.

The garden or patio will serve as a place to relax and even entertain family with café chairs Brisbane. A great way to spend time outdoors, while children play. Some garden chairs, café chairs, foldable tables, side walk lights and night lamps would make the place homey.

The settling in

Throwing your housewarming party in the garden would be a great idea too. Cooking your own meals and entertaining the guests won’t be a hassle with these first few areas covered, it will give you the owners a chance to relax and watch chaos turn into your own little nest.